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Matlab files in this directory:

 simtb_SMsourcesimtb_SMsource() - Contains the definitions of the 2-D SMs and their tissue types
 simtb_TCsourcesimtb_TCsource() - Contains the definitions for the generation of TCs
 simtb_addMotionsimtb_addMotion() - Simulates motion (translation/rotation) of dataset
 simtb_balloon_modelsimtb_balloon_model() - Nonlinear balloon model to generate TCs
 simtb_create_sPsimtb_create_sP() - Initializes parameter structure
 simtb_generateSMsimtb_generateSM() - Generates a SM based on definitions in simtb_SMsource()
 simtb_mainsimtb_main() - Main function for performing simulations
 simtb_makeBaselinesimtb_makeBaseline() - Generate baseline intensity map for each subject
 simtb_makeMotParamssimtb_makeMotParams() - Generates motion time series
 simtb_makeSMsimtb_makeSM() - Makes component SMs (spatial maps)
 simtb_makeTCsimtb_makeTC() - Makes component TCs (time courses)
 simtb_makeTC_blocksimtb_makeTC_block() - Builds task blocks
 simtb_makeTC_eventsimtb_makeTC_event() - Builds event time courses
 simtb_padSMsimtb_padSM() - Pads SM dimensions to accomodate head translation
 simtb_rand_seedsimtb_rand_seed() - Set random number generator (RNG) seeds
 simtb_spm_Gpdfsimtb_spm_Gpdf() - Probability Density Function (PDF) of a Gamma distribution
 simtb_spm_hrfsimtb_spm_hrf() - Returns a hemodynamic response function

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