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Matlab files in this directory:

 simtb_checkparamssimtb_checkparams() - Checks for appropriate and consistent simulation parameters
 simtb_countSMsimtb_countSM() - Determines the number of sources defined in simtb_SMsource()
 simtb_countTCmodelssimtb_countTCmodels() - Determines the number of TC models defined in simtb_TCsource()
 simtb_countTTsimtb_countTT() - Determines the number and default levels of Tissue Types
 simtb_docsimtb_doc() - Opens HTML documentation for a given function
 simtb_makefilenamesimtb_makefilename() - Makes filenames for various file types
 simtb_paramssimtb_params() - Provides information on all simulation parameters
 simtb_returnFileIndexsimtb_returnFileIndex() - Returns the file index for naming

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