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Matlab files in this directory:

 simtb_figdimensionsimtb_figdimension() - Computes position of figure given desired aspect ratio and scale
 simtb_figure_drawSMssimtb_figure_drawSMs() - Shows contours for all defined SMs
 simtb_figure_modelsimtb_figure_model() - Shows SM contours and/or Tissue Model
 simtb_figure_outputsimtb_figure_output() - Shows TC/SM output for a given subject
 simtb_figure_paramssimtb_figure_params() - Shows simulation parameters
 simtb_figure_pickedSMsimtb_figure_pickedSM() - Draws and fills SM contours for selected sources
 simtb_inpolysimtb_inpoly() - Tests whether a point is inside a polygon
 simtb_lighten_colorsimtb_lighten_color() - Lightens color (reduces saturation)
 simtb_moviesimtb_movie() - Displays a movie of a subject dataset at 10 frames a second
 simtb_pcolorsimtb_pcolor() - Produces pcolor-like images of data matrices
 simtb_pickSMsimtb_pickSM() - GUI for selecting sources
 simtb_showSMsimtb_showSM() - Plot SMs
 simtb_showSMContourssimtb_showSMContours() - Plot SMs as contours
 simtb_showTCsimtb_showTC() - Show generation of TCs (time courses)
 simtb_show_motionsimtb_show_motion() - Shows translational/rotational motion of subjects

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