Dr. Jing Sui is currently a research scientist in Dr. Vince Calhoun's lab of Medical Image Analysis at the Mind Research Network(MRN), focusing on fMRI analysis and data fusion of fMRI via other multiple modalities' data. She has developed several ICA-based methods, e.g. CC-ICA, CCA+ICA etc., to analyze the multi-task /multi modal brain imaging data such as fMRI, sMRI, EEG and DTI. She is interested in identifying the potential biomarkers of some brain diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Dr. Sui received both her B.S. /Ph.D. degree with honors in Optical Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology, China. Her PhD work mainly focused on developing image/signal processing algorithms. She joined MRN since 2007 and transfered to the field of biomediclal engineering. She likes pop music, DIY and always wants to try something new and special.